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Hobart (Australia)
Clear Rail: Out 3m 1600m-400m; Out 1m Remainder. (Pent: 4.79). Track: SOFT 5
13:55R1Ricoh Hcp 1400M $14,000
14:35R2Programmed Maintenance Hcp-C2 1400M $14,000
15:13R3Catholic Development Fund Mdn 1100M $14,000
15:50R4Gee Gee Horse Stud Hcp (C1) 1100M $14,000
16:26R5Old Virgillians Assoc. (BM82) 1100M $16,000
17:01R6Rtg (BM72) 2100M $14,000
17:41R7Mark Media (BM62) 1600M $14,000
Ballarat (Australia)
Clear Rail: Out 3m 1000m - 600m. Out 8m 600m - WP, True Remainder. (Pent: 5.31). Track: GOOD 4
13:00R1Bond Homes Mdn Plate 1400M $23,000
13:30R2Eclipse Ford Mdn Plate 1200M $23,000
14:00R3Adroit Insurance Group Mdn 1000M $23,000
14:30R4C.E Bartlett Mdn Plate 1600M $23,000
15:00R5Porter Plant (BM64) 1600M $23,000
15:35R6City Of Ballarat Hcp (C1) 1000M $23,000
16:05R7Hygain (BM70) 2000M $40,000
16:35R8Sportsbet's Racing Form (BM78) 1400M $50,000
17:05R9Hygain (BM64) 1200M $23,000
Mt Barker (Australia)
Partly Cloudy Rail: Rail is at the inside position. Track: GOOD 3
13:18R1Vale Jim Gilbert Mdn 1850M $12,500
13:53R2Triangulee Mdn 1200M $12,500
14:33R3Southern Haulage Hcp (C2) 1100M $14,000
15:15R4Xxxx Gold (BM58+) 1850M $14,000
15:45R5Le Grande Motel Albany (BM68+) 1300M $14,000
16:15R6Orchy Industries Hcp (C2) 1300M $14,000
16:50R7Tabtouch Mt Barker Cup (BM65+) 2000M $35,000
17:25R8Skyracing.Tv Championship (C5) 1200M $20,000
Sunshine Coast (Australia)
Partly Cloudy Rail: Out 4m Entire Course. (Pent: 6.62). Track: HEAVY 9
12:50R1Caloundra Cup 1St July Mdn 1800M $14,000
13:27R2X X X X Hcp (C2) 1200M $14,000
14:08R3Coastline Bmw Mdn Plate 1200M $14,000
14:45R4Yalumba Mdn Hcp 1200M $14,000
15:22R5Butler Mcdermott Lawyers (C1) 1000M $14,000
15:57R6Ladies Oaks Day 2 June Hcp-C1 1400M $14,000
16:37R7Www.Sctc.Com.Au Hcp (C4) 1400M $14,000
Alice Springs (Australia)
Partly Cloudy Track: SAND
14:33R1Renew Now Your Membership-Bm54 1200M $11,000
15:03R2Inglis Red Yearling Sale (70) 1100M $12,000
15:43R3Xxxx Gold Cup Luncheon Fri-C6 1400M $13,500
16:17R4Ladbrokes Hcp 1400M $13,000
17:00R5Kerry O'keefe Mdn 1100M $11,000
17:40R6Victorian Bush Rangers Hcp-64 1600M $11,500
Naracoorte (Australia)
Partly Cloudy Rail: True. Track: SOFT 5
13:05R1Combined Livestock Carrier Mdn 1100M $9,000
13:45R2Tdc Livestock Mdn Plate 1430M $9,000
14:20R3Gm Harfield Memorial Hcp (C2) 1200M $11,000
14:55R4Pph&S (BM72) 1200M $11,000
15:30R5Landmark (BM60) 1000M $11,000
16:10R6Elders (BM60) 2000M $11,000
16:50R7Sal (BM56) 1430M $11,000
Scone (Australia)
Mostly Clear Rail: Out 3m Entire Course. Track: SOFT 7
13:05R1Tab.Com.Au Mdn Plate 1300M $40,000
13:40R2Dimmock's Quality Meats Mdn 1000M $30,000
14:20R3Scone Equine Hospital Hcp (C2) 1500M $30,000
14:55R4Allweld Services (BM60) 1450M $30,000
15:30R5Vinery Stud Sprint (BM65) 1000M $30,000
16:10R6Balmoral Hcp 1300M $35,000
16:45R7Country C'ships Wild Card (C5) 1300M $50,000
17:25R8Jts Realty Hcp (C1) 1300M $30,000
Auteuil (France)
Mostly Sunny (Max: 17)
13:05R1Prix Auricula 3000M $75,763
13:45R2Prix Rfm Dimanches Au Galop - Prix Lutteur Iii 4400M $165,302
14:15R3Prix Colonel De La Horie Challenge De L'obstacle Gras Savoye Hipcover 3500M $73,008
14:45R4Prix Virelan 3600M $96,426
15:30R5Prix Hypothese 3900M $185,965
16:10R6Prix Le Touquet 3500M $96,426
16:50R7Prix Alain Grimaux 3600M $75,763
17:20R8Prix Hubert De Navailles 3600M $66,120
Sha Tin (Hong Kong)
Partly Cloudy
12:45R1Albany Handicap 2000M $105,688
13:15R2Arbuthnot Handicap 1600M $140,917
13:45R3Caine Handicap 1000M $207,182
14:15R4Conduit Handicap 1200M $140,917
15:05R5Elgin Handicap 1200M $207,182
15:35R6Glenealy Handicap 1200M $140,917
16:05R7Duddell Handicap 1200M $293,578
16:35R8The Lusitano Challenge Cup (HANDICAP) 1600M $293,578
17:10R9Ice House Handicap 1400M $207,182
17:45R10Old Bailey Handicap 1600M $207,182
Downpatrick (Ireland)
14:20R1Wkd Maiden Hurdle 3771M $15,152
14:50R2Guinness Rated Hurdle 3771M $24,795
15:20R3Roadstud Installations Limited Handicap Hurdle (80-109) 3771M $16,530
15:50R4Toals Bookmakers Ulster National E.B.F. Handicap Chase 5742M $34,439
16:20R5Racing Post Handicap Chase (0-102) 3872M $15,152
16:50R6Boardsmill Sires Maiden Hunters Chase 4453M $13,775
17:20R7Visit St. Patrick's Country (PRO/AM) Flat Race 3479M $13,775
Naas (Ireland)
Mostly Sunny (Max: 13) Track: SOFT TO HEAVY (HEAVY IN PLACES)
14:10R1Irish Stallion Farms E.B.F. Maiden 1005M $24,106
14:40R2Weatherbys Gsb Goes Online Maiden 1207M $18,595
15:10R3Naas Racecourse Launches The 2017 Flat Season Handicap 1207M $34,439
15:40R4Palmerstown House Madrid Handicap 1408M $68,876
16:10R5Lodge Park Stud E.B.F. Park Express Stakes (FILLIES' GROUP 3) 1609M $106,757
16:40R6Tote Irish Lincolnshire 1609M $137,752
17:10R7Irish Stallion Farms E.B.F. Maiden 1609M $22,040
Chukyo (Japan)
10:05R1Maiden Race 1800M $110,761
10:35R2Maiden Race 1400M $110,761
11:05R3Maiden Race 1900M $110,761
11:35R4Maiden Race 1400M $110,761
12:25R5Maiden Race 2000M $110,761
12:55R6Allowance Race 1400M $165,272
13:25R7Allowance Race 2000M $165,272
13:55R8Allowance Race 1800M $165,272
14:25R9Kariya Tokubetsu 1600M $239,036
15:00R10Kumano Tokubetsu 2200M $335,183
15:40R11The Takamatsunomiya Kinen 1200M $2,229,142
16:25R12Suzuka Tokubetsu 1400M $337,966
Hanshin (Japan)
09:50R1Maiden Race 1200M $110,761
10:15R2Maiden Race 1800M $110,761
10:45R3Maiden Race 1400M $110,761
11:15R4Maiden Race 2970M $172,578
12:05R5Maiden Race 1200M $110,761
12:35R6Maiden Race 1800M $110,761
13:05R7Allowance Race 1200M $159,125
13:35R8Allowance Race 1800M $165,272
14:05R9Shikoku Shimbun Hai 2000M $336,806
14:40R10Yodoyabashi Stakes 1200M $407,207
15:20R11Rokko Stakes 1600M $512,285
16:00R12Allowance Race 1800M $231,380
Nakayama (Japan)
Showers Late
09:55R1Maiden Race 1800M $110,761
10:25R2Maiden Race 1200M $110,761
10:55R3Maiden Race 1800M $110,761
11:25R4Maiden Race 2200M $110,761
12:15R5Allowance Race 1800M $159,125
12:45R6Allowance Race 1200M $159,125
13:15R7Allowance Race 1800M $165,272
13:45R8Allowance Race 1200M $165,272
14:15R9Ryogoku Tokubetsu 1800M $335,415
14:50R10Joso Stakes 2000M $407,091
15:30R11The March Stakes 1800M $798,177
16:10R12Allowance Race 1200M $231,380
Tauherenikau (New Zealand)
Partly Cloudy Rail: True | 3mm Rain Overnight. Track: DEAD6
12:40R1Ballance/Matahiwi (BM75) 1600M $9,999
13:15R2Per Incanto Mdn 1000M $9,999
13:50R3Tui Lager Mdn 1400M $9,999
14:25R4Greenlees Print Since 1961 Mdn 2050M $9,999
14:59R5Fagan Ford (BM75) 1000M $9,999
15:34R6Pgg Wrightson (BM65) 1400M $9,999
16:10R7Kuripuni Sports Masterton Cup 2050M $24,999
16:45R8Lvn Woolbuyers (BM65) 2050M $9,999
Kranji (Singapore)
Scattered Thunderstorms
12:55R1Conflight 2016 Stakes Class 5 1400M $32,447
13:25R2Kiwi Karma 2015 Stakes Restricted Maiden 1200M $69,530
13:55R3War Affair 2014 Stakes Novice 1200M $69,530
14:25R4Stepitup 2013 Stakes Class 5 1900M $32,447
14:55R5Super Easy 2012 Stakes Open Handicap 1600M $115,884
15:25R6Gingerbread Man 2011 Stakes Open Benchmark 74 1600M $74,166
15:55R7Singapore Thr Sprint 1200M 0M $231,769
16:25R8Better Than Ever 2010 Stakes Open Benchmark 97 2000M $92,707
17:00R9Rocket Man Sprint 1200M $185,415
17:35R10Mooring 2009 Stakes Class 4 1000M $55,624
18:05R11Big Maverick 2008 Stakes Class 4 1600M $55,624
Scottsville (South Africa)
Cloudy (Max: 21)
12:30R1Download The Tabgold Information App Juvenile Plate 1200M $9,052
13:05R2Racing. It's A Rush Juvenile Plate 1200M $9,052
13:40R3All To Come Maiden Plate 1200M $8,549
14:15R4The White Horse Function Room Maiden Plate 1200M $8,549
14:50R5Itsarush.Co.Za Fm 79 Handicap 1200M $9,253
15:25R6Blinkers Bar Mr 70 Handicap 1000M $7,845
16:05R7Track & Ball Gaming Mr 74 Handicap 2400M $8,046
16:40R8Rockafellas Restaurant Mr 69 Handicap 1400M $7,845
17:10R9Soccer 6 Maiden Plate 1750M $8,549
Wincanton (United Kingdom)
Mostly Sunny (Max: 16) Track: GOOD TO SOFT (SOFT IN PLACES)
13:15R1188Bet.Co.Uk Novices' Hurdle 3076M (1m7f) $9,711
13:45R2Fortress Home Insurance Handicap Chase 5056M (3m1f) $32,373
14:15R3Ryan Direct Group Novices' Handicap Hurdle 3973M (2m4f) $16,186
14:45R4188Bet Novices' Chase 4055M (2m4f) $11,330
15:15R5Live Casino At 188Bet Handicap Chase 5378M (3m3f) $8,093
15:45R6Best Odds Guaranteed At 188Bet Maiden Hurdle 3973M (2m4f) $9,711
16:15R7188Bet Handicap Hurdle 4299M (2m5f) $6,474
Hereford (United Kingdom)
Mostly Sunny (Max: 16) Track: SOFT (GOOD TO SOFT IN PLACES)
13:00R1World Cup Football Betting At 188Bet Juvenile Maiden Hurdle 3267M (2m) $7,122
13:30R2Download The App At 188Bet Novices' Hurdle 4373M (2m6f) $9,388
14:00R3188Bet.Co.Uk Mares' Handicap Chase 4200M (2m5f) $8,093
14:30R4188Bet Mares' Handicap Hurdle 5138M (3m2f) $9,388
15:00R5Faller Refunds At 188Bet Novices' Chase 5069M (3m1f) $12,949
15:30R6Live Casino At 188Bet Handicap Hurdle 3956M (2m4f) $6,798
Launceston (Australia)
Mostly Clear
18:00R1Trainers Encouragement Pace 1680M $7,800
18:38R2Fashions On The Field 16 April 2017 2200M $7,800
19:08R3Premiers Blue Bonnet 1680M $10,000
19:39R4Harry Holgate Memorial Final 2200M $10,000
20:17R5Easter Cup Race Meeting Sunday 16 April 2017 2200M $7,800
20:52R6Be At The Easter Cup Race Meeting Sunday 16 April 2017 2200M $7,800
21:20R7Family Fun Day At The Races Sunday 16 April 2017 2200M $7,800
21:50R8Conditioned Handicap 2200M $7,800
Armidale (Australia)
Showers Early
13:30R1Railway Hotel Armidale Pace 1609M $3,500
14:00R2Smith Sharpe & Abbott Chartered Accountants 3Yo Pace 1980M $3,500
14:32R3Supa Moto New England/Kellys Transport Armidale Pace 1609M $3,500
15:12R4Grazag Armidale Pace 1980M $3,500
15:50R5Jackson's Quality Meats Harness Breeders Nsw Bonus Scheme Pace 1980M $3,500
16:21R6Ducats Earthmoving Pace 1980M $3,500
17:04R7Roberts & Morrow Chartered Accountants Pace 1980M $3,500
17:36R8Landmark Armidale - See You Trackside Next Sunday Pace 1980M $3,500
Collie (Australia)
13:12R1Collie Ridge Motel 2Yo Ms Pace 2050M $3,000
13:52R2Past Members 3Yo Graduation Ms Pace 2050M $3,000
14:22R3Gloucester Park Harness Racing Members Trip No 16 Graduation Ms Pace 2050M $3,000
14:57R4Club Hotel Collie Graduation Ms Pace 2050M $3,000
15:27R5George Ashcroft Memorial 2050M $8,000
15:57R6Pinjarra Paceway Members Graduation Handicap Ss Pace 2050M $3,000
16:27R7Brian & Cally Ellis Kalbarri Beach Resort Collie Cup 2700M $10,000
16:57R8Kalbarri Beach Resort Graduation Handicap Ss Pace 2050M $3,000
Mildura (Australia)
12:38R1The Great Mallee Root Festival 3Yo Pace 2040M $7,000
13:09R2Mildura Rural City Council Pace 1654M $5,000
13:44R3Victoria Hotel 2Yo Pace 1654M $7,000
14:23R4Landmark Ouyen Vicbred Platinum Mares Sprint Championship (12TH HEAT) 1654M $10,000
15:03R5Kate Attard Equine Pace 2040M $5,000
15:39R6Poole & Jackson Walpeup / Speed Pace Final 2040M $10,000
16:13R7Ouyen & District Freight Pace 2040M $10,000
16:48R8Greggs Electrical Ouyen Pacing Cup (GROUP 3) 2423M $30,000
17:28R9Euphoria Hair & Beauty Pace 2040M $7,000
Mt Gambier (Australia)
Partly Cloudy
17:48R1Wj & Ca Drury Pace (PRELUDE) (SKY 2) 1780M $3,500
18:24R2Swallow Drive Meat Supply / Youngs Man's Shop Pace (SKY 2) 2190M $2,000
18:51R32017 Naracoorte Cup (SKY 2) 2190M $3,500
19:26R42017 D & G Spier Country Graduation Series (HEAT 6) (SKY 2) 2190M $3,500
20:01R52017 Mountain View Stud Mount Gambier Derby (SKY 2) 2190M $5,500
20:34R6C Gartner & T Thomson Trotters Handicap (SKY 2) 2190M $3,500
Motukarara (New Zealand)
Rain Late
11:57R1Bishopdale/Bush Inn Tabs & Tavern Harewood Mobile Pace 2000M $5,625
12:22R2Selwyn Community Pharmacy Trot 2170M $6,563
12:57R3Nz Bloodstock Airfreight Pace 2170M $6,563
13:32R4Waihora Rugby Club Trot 2170M $6,563
14:08R5Lesley Taylor Mobile Pace 2000M $6,563
14:43R6Tai Tapu Hotel & Mcdermott Family Mobile Pace 2000M $6,563
15:17R7Project 1 Design Mobile Pace 2000M $7,032
15:49R8Backpacker Cars Trot 2170M $7,032
16:20R9Premier Vets Mobile Pace 2000M $7,032
16:58R10Commodore Hotel Mobile Pace 2000M $7,032
17:32R11Advance Joinery Trot 2170M $7,032
18:03R12Bob & Jenny Sandford/John & Christine Mcdermott Mobile Pace 2000M $7,032
Albion Park (Australia)
Partly Cloudy
17:02R1Ubet - Download The App 331M $945
17:19R2Zillmere Sports Club Maiden H 331M $945
17:42R3Garrard's Horse And Hound Maiden 331M $945
18:02R4Glen Gallon @ Stud 331M $1,071
18:29R5Clint's Caravan Warehouse 331M $1,071
18:54R6Box 1 Photography 395M $1,071
19:14R7Brisgreys.Com 395M $1,071
19:39R8Sky Racing 395M $1,197
20:00R9Sulzanti @ Stud 395M $1,071
20:25R10Manly Hotel 395M $1,071
20:41R11Garrard's Horse And Hound 331M $1,071
21:01R12Aspley Leagues Club 331M $1,071
Sandown (Australia)
13:46R1Find Us On Facebook 515M $1,415
14:06R2Launching Pad Heats This Thursday 595M $2,175
14:30R3Easter Kids Fun Night 13/4 515M $1,890
14:47R4Bring Your Club To Sandown Gdr 595M $4,175
15:04R5Tab.Com.Au Damsels Dash 515M $1,890
15:22R6Follow Us @Sandowndogs 595M $2,305
15:38R7Snapchat - Sandowndogs 515M $1,890
16:01R8Tab - We Love A Bet 515M $2,005
16:19R9Greyhound Adoption Program 515M $1,890
16:38R10Greyhound Community Fund 515M $1,890
16:53R11#Welovethedogs (1-3 WINS 250+ RANK) 515M $1,890
17:09R12Sandowngreyhounds.Com.Au (1-3 W 250+RNK) 515M $1,890
Canberra (Australia)
Mostly Clear
17:17R1The Climate Doctor Maiden 310M $570
17:32R2Gibson & Harriden Maiden 440M $570
17:52R3Hazihire.Com.Au Stakes 310M $600
18:12R4Agh Demolition Stakes 310M $600
18:32R5Canberra Mower Service Stakes 310M $650
18:59R6Graham Gourlay Memorial Stakes 530M $850
19:22R7Tab.Com.Au Golden Oldies Stks 440M $600
19:47R8Toledotrailers.Com.Au Stakes 600M $850
20:07R9Tab.Com.Au Sprint Stakes 310M $600
20:32R10Canberra Foundation Sprint Stks 310M $600
20:57R11Lodge Of Truth Braidwood Stks 440M $715
21:14R12B.Firm Stakes 440M $715
Gawler (Australia)
17:52R1Nixons Function Centre Maiden St 400M $545
18:19R2Dinky Di Web Designs Maiden Stak 400M $400
18:42R3Northern Suburbs Glass Service ( 400M $580
19:02R4The Bunyip Stake Pr2 Division1 400M $580
19:27R5Michaelkris Real Estate (Sa Owne 400M $640
19:52R6Greyhound Adoption Program Sa Mi 400M $630
20:12R7Kingsford Hotel Mixed Stake Pr2 531M $690
20:33R8Nixons Function Centre Stake Pr2 531M $630
20:58R9Dinky Di Web Designs Stake Pr2 D 400M $580
21:15R10Northern Suburbs Glass Service ( 400M $410
21:34R11The Bunyip Stake Pr2 Division1 400M $605
21:56R12Michaelkris Real Estate (N/P) St 400M $410
Sale (Australia)
Mostly Clear
17:49R1Maffra Trowel Trades 440M $1,415
18:09R2Maffra Pre Mix 440M $1,415
18:29R3Mac Waste Group (0-2 WINS) 520M $1,890
18:52R4Blythewood Pastoral Final 440M $2,360
19:19R5R & J Orchard Earth Moving 440M $1,890
19:44R6Work Hire (4-9 WINS) 650M $2,175
20:04R7Ashleigh House 520M $2,005
20:29R8Brown & Wigg Maffra 440M $2,360
20:49R9John C Stewart Chartered Accounting 440M $1,890
21:10R10Wk & Ma Ferguson Pty. Ltd. 440M $1,890
21:31R11Trfm 440M $1,890
21:55R12Gold 1242 440M $1,890
Fannie Bay (Australia)
Scattered Thunderstorms
17:11R1Clarke Constructions Dash Divisi 312M $400
17:31R2Holdfast Insurance Brokers Dash 312M $425
17:48R3Garrard's Horse And Hound Dash D 383M $450
18:06R4Ubet Sprint Division1 537M $1,000
18:24R5Coolalinga Mowers Dash Division2 312M $425
18:47R6Sage Contracting Dash Division2 383M $450
19:07R7Sba Office National Dash Golden 383M $1,000
19:28R8Cub Dash Division3 312M $425
19:43R9Nt.Gov.Au Dash Division1 312M $450
20:00R10Sky Channel Dash Division1 383M $500
Healesville (Australia)
11:03R1Tab - Early Quaddie 300M $710
11:20R2Top Cat Video Productions 350M $710
11:38R3All 4 Paws & Claws Resport Ht1 350M $945
11:55R4Follow @Grv_News On Twitter Ht2 350M $945
12:13R5Smith & Calder Sign Co. 350M $945
12:29R6Grv Vic Bred Series Final 350M $4,360
12:48R7Tab - We Love A Bet 350M $1,180
13:11R8Silver Eagle Outfitters 350M $945
13:28R9Straights Functions & Events Ht3 350M $945
13:42R10Tab Rewards 300M $945
13:57R11Like Grvictoria On Facebook 300M $1,000
14:17R12Tab.Com.Au 300M $945
Mt Gambier (Australia)
Partly Cloudy
12:26R1Gambier Vets Maiden Stake Pr2 Di 400M $545
12:44R2South Eastern Hotel Stake Pr2 Di 400M $580
13:09R3Trackside Meats Stake Pr2 Divisi 400M $580
13:24R4Classicbet Mixed Stake Pr2 Divis 400M $630
13:42R5Metal Worx Grade 5 Series H Pr2 400M $605
14:08R6Laser Electrical Grade 5 Series 400M $605
14:23R7Jb Irrigation Grade 5 Series H P 400M $605
14:38R8Rock's Retreat Stake Pr2 Divisio 512M $660
14:58R9Greyhound-Data.Com Mixed Stake P 512M $790
Mudgee (Australia)
Mostly Clear
12:00R1Mens Shed Maiden 311M $300
12:20R2Mens Shed Maiden 311M $300
12:40R3Club Mudgee Maiden 434M $300
13:00R4Bookmaker Stakes 311M $300
13:20R5Curator Stakes 311M $300
13:40R6Mudgee Grc Stakes 434M $350
14:00R7Roths Produce Stakes 434M $300
14:20R8Woolpack Hotel Stakes 311M $300
14:40R9Curator Stakes 434M $300
15:00R10Church St Vet Hospital Stakes 311M $300
15:20R11Happy Birthday Keith Stakes 434M $300
Manukau (New Zealand)
12:14R1Greyhounds As Pets Sprint 318M $1,312
12:31R2Deli's Sports Bar Clendon Inn Sprint 318M $1,031
12:49R3Plasterboard Ltd Stakes 527M $2,250
13:06R4Greyhound Function Centre Sprint 318M $1,031
13:24R5Dogzone Sprint 318M $1,125
13:41R6Trophies Plus Stakes 527M $2,062
13:59R7Pump & Engineering Services Ltd Stakes Series Heat 1 527M $1,969
14:16R8Pump & Engineering Services Ltd Stakes Series Heat 2 527M $1,969
14:34R9Stitches Upholstery Sprint 318M $1,125
14:51R10$2,500 Bonus Quaddie Sprint 318M $1,594
15:08R11Hewlett Electrical Stakes 527M $3,750
15:25R12Carol's Tab Clendon Inn Sprint 318M $1,875
15:42R13Jack's Wholesale Meats Sprint 318M $1,125
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