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Ascot (Australia)
Mostly Sunny (Max: 26) Rail: Out 15m. CUTAWAY IN THE STRAIGHT. Track: N/A
12:37R1Amelia Park Lodge (RS0MW) 1200M $22,500
13:12R2Tabtouch Race Replays (RS0LY) 1000M $22,500
13:47R3Get The Tabtouch Mdn 1400M $15,000
14:22R4Perth Racing Club M'ship-Rs0Ly 1600M $22,500
14:57R5Perth Racing Facebook Hcp (C1) 1400M $17,500
15:35R6Hahn Superdry (RS0LY) 1800M $22,500
16:10R7Summer Bright Lager Hcp (C3) 1500M $17,500
16:50R8Salinger Hcp (C3) 1200M $17,500
Canterbury (Australia)
Thunderstorms Wind Early Rail: Out 3m Entire Circuit. Track: SOFT 5
13:15R1Hyland Race Colours (BM67) 1250M $40,000
13:50R2Ranvet (BM67) 1550M $40,000
14:25R3Casino Prince @ Vinery Mdn 1100M $40,000
15:05R4Tab (BM72) 1900M $40,000
15:40R5Bowermans Furniture (BM73) 1200M $40,000
16:15R6Tab.Com.Au (BM72) 1200M $40,000
16:50R7Rubick @ Coolmore (BM67) 1900M $40,000
Sandown-Lakeside (Australia)
Showers Rail: Out 5m Entire Circuit. Track: GOOD 4
12:55R1Thebigscreencompany Mdn Plate 1400M $27,000
13:30R2Chef's Hat South Melbourne Mdn 1300M $27,000
14:00R3Hyland Race Colours (BM70) 1600M $40,000
14:30R4The Cove Hotel (BM70) 1200M $40,000
15:00R5Elaren Security Services-Bm64 1400M $40,000
15:30R6Ladbrokes Cash In (BM70) 2100M $40,000
16:00R7Le Pine Funerals (BM70) 1400M $40,000
16:30R8Hamilton Reid Cht Account-Bm70 1200M $40,000
Ipswich (Australia)
Thundershowers Early Rail: 8m Entire Course. Track: GOOD 4
12:25R1Cfmeu Mining & Energy Hcp 1527M $20,000
13:00R2Channel 7 Mdn Hcp 1200M $20,000
13:35R3Labour Day Races May 1 Hcp-C1 1527M $20,000
14:10R4Sky Racing Plate (C3) 1020M $20,000
14:45R5Free Entry Labour Day (BM75) 1200M $20,000
15:20R6City Of Ipswich (BM75) 1700M $20,000
15:55R7Free Family Fun Day M'day-Bm75 1200M $20,000
16:35R8Free Fair Ground Monday Hcp-C1 1200M $20,000
Strathalbyn (Australia)
Cloudy Rail: Out 2m 1400m-250m. True Remainder. Track: SOFT 6
12:02R1The Hive (BM64) 1205M $15,000
12:37R2German Arms Hotel Mdn Plate 2057M $12,000
13:12R3Hyland Sportswear Mdn 1355M $12,000
13:47R4Anzac Day Mdn Plate 1205M $12,000
14:22R5High Street Trading Co. (BM64) 1205M $15,000
14:57R6Vineyard Road (BM64) 1607M $15,000
15:35R7Strathalbyn Rsl (BM64) 1607M $15,000
16:12R8Lake Breeze Wines (BM64) 1355M $15,000
16:50R9Lest We Forget (BM64) 2057M $15,000
Angers (France)
PM Showers (Max: 13)
12:25R1Prix Bois Des Roses 3150M $30,821
12:55R2Prix Georges Du Breil 3700M $35,024
13:25R3Prix Parc Saint Nicolas 3800M $30,821
14:05R4Prix De La Foret De Chandelais 3800M $42,029
14:35R5Prix Rene De Champrel 4100M $39,227
15:05R6Prix De Maurepart 3800M $30,821
15:35R7Prix Du Logis Barrault 3800M $29,420
Happy Valley (Hong Kong)
Isolated Thunderstorms (Max: 25)
19:15R1Gwangju Handicap 1650M $105,797
19:45R2Daejeon Handicap 2200M $141,062
20:15R3Daegu Handicap 1200M $141,062
20:45R4The St George's Challenge Cup (HANDICAP) 1200M $141,062
21:15R5Incheon Handicap 1650M $141,062
21:45R6Busan Handicap 1650M $207,395
22:15R7The Korea Racing Authority Trophy (HANDICAP) 1200M $207,395
22:50R8Seoul Handicap 1200M $293,880
Punchestown (Ireland)
Mostly Cloudy (Max: 9) Track: GOOD TO YIELDING
15:40R1Martinstown Opportunity Series Final Handicap Hurdle (95-123) 4224M $42,029
16:20R2Louis Fitzgerald Hotel Hurdle 4023M $35,026
16:55R3Irish Daily Mirror Novice Hurdle (GRADE 1) 4828M $140,099
17:30R4Coral Punchestown Gold Cup (GRADE 1) 4937M $350,249
18:05R5Racing Post Champion I.N.H. Flat Race (GRADE 1) 3218M $140,099
18:40R6Guinness Handicap Chase (GRADE A) 4023M $140,099
19:15R7Weatherbys General Stud Book E.B.F. Mares Flat Race (GRADE 3) 3218M $70,049
Wingatui (New Zealand)
Partly Cloudy Rail: Out 3m from 1400m to 300m, cutaway rail in straight | 2mm Rain Overnight. Track: SLOW7
11:52R1Catering By Kerry Mdn 800M $10,000
12:27R2Living Corporation (JMP&BM75) 2200M $10,000
13:02R3Kb Contractors (BM85) 1400M $10,000
13:37R4T Kennedy Carefree Stables Mdn 1200M $10,000
14:12R5Ray & Allison Kean R/E (BM65) 1200M $10,000
14:47R6Mosgiel Tavern (BM75) 1200M $10,000
15:22R7Nzb Insur. Pearl Series (BM65) 1400M $11,999
15:57R8Wingatui Top Track Team Mdn 1600M $10,000
16:33R9Wingatui Function Centre-Bm65 1600M $10,000
Kenilworth (South Africa)
Rain (Max: 23)
13:05R1Welcome To Kenilworth Maiden Juvenile Plate 1200M $8,045
13:40R2Book A Table At Our Next Race Meeting 021 797 6037 Maiden Juvenile Plate 1200M $8,045
14:20R3Place Your Bets Maiden Plate 1200M $8,045
14:55R4Racing Association Maiden Plate 1600M $8,045
15:30R5Racing.It's A Rush Mr 78 Handicap 2500M $8,347
16:05R6Tabonline.Co.Za Fm 77 Handicap 1400M $9,152
16:40R7Itsarush.Co.Za Fm 68 Handicap 1200M $8,045
17:15R8Next Kenilworth Meeting 29Th April 2017 Maiden Plate 1200M $8,045
Epsom Downs (United Kingdom)
Rain (Max: 11) Track: GOOD (GOOD TO FIRM IN PLACES)
14:10R1Investec Asset Finance Handicap 1005M (5f) $32,506
14:45R2Investec Derby Trial (CONDITIONS RACE) (PLUS 10) 2028M (1m2f) $81,266
15:15R3Investec Corporate Banking Great Metropolitan Handicap 2423M (1m4f) $32,506
15:50R4Investec City And Suburban Handicap 2028M (1m2f) $73,139
16:25R5Investec Foreign Exchange Maiden Stakes 1713M (1m) $9,751
17:00R6Investec Private Banking Handicap 1713M (1m) $14,627
Exeter (United Kingdom)
Partly Cloudy (Max: 11) Track: GOOD TO FIRM (GOOD IN PLACES, WATERING)
16:50R1Boxing Betting At 188Bet Handicap Hurdle 3378M (2m) $10,564
17:25R2188Bet Maiden Hurdle 3722M (2m3f) $6,501
18:00R3Free Spins At 188Bet Novices' Hurdle 4649M (2m7f) $9,751
18:35R4Bovis Homes Handicap Hurdle 4347M (2m6f) $8,939
19:05R5Premier League Betting At 188Bet Novices' Handicap Hurdle 3378M (2m) $8,939
19:40R6Goffs Spring Sales P2P Bumper Maiden Nh Flat Race (AMATEURS) 3378M (2m) $8,126
20:10R7188Bet.Co.Uk Standard Open Nh Flat Race 3378M (2m) $4,875
Catterick (United Kingdom)
PM Showers (Max: 7) Track: GOOD TO FIRM
13:50R1Racing To School Handicap 1005M (5f) $5,688
14:20R2Racinguk.Com/Anywhere 3 Devices 1 Price Handicap 1408M (7f) $5,688
14:55R3Breeders Backing Racing Ebf Maiden Fillies' Stakes (PLUS 10) 1408M (7f) $9,751
15:25R42017 Catterick Twelve Furlong Series Handicap 2408M (1m4f) $8,126
16:00R5Follow On Twitter At Catterickraces Handicap 1005M (5f) $7,313
16:35R6Book Now For Saturday 10Th June Handicap 1408M (7f) $19,503
17:05R7Racing Again 11Th May Apprentice Handicap 1408M (7f) $5,688
Lingfield Aw (United Kingdom)
Showers (Max: 11) Track: STANDARD
16:45R1Racing Welfare Claiming Stakes 1409M (7f) $5,688
17:20R2Join Us For Ladies Day - May 12 Maiden Stakes 1409M (7f) $7,313
17:50R3Brian Hanrahan Handicap 1207M (6f) $5,688
18:25R4Injured Jockeys Fund Median Auction Maiden Stakes 2011M (1m2f) $5,688
18:55R5Happy 60Th Birthday Jack Power Handicap 1610M (1m) $18,691
19:25R6Racing Welfare 24 Hour Support Line 08006300443 Fillies' Handicap 1409M (7f) $7,313
19:55R7Happy Anniversary John & Mary Handicap 2011M (1m2f) $5,688
Perth (United Kingdom)
Mostly Cloudy (Max: 11) Track: GOOD (GOOD TO SOFT IN PLACES)
14:00R1Joseph Perrier 'party Has Started' Maiden Hurdle 4055M (2m4f) $9,751
14:35R2Edinburgh Gin Mares' Handicap Hurdle (QUALIFIER) 4055M (2m4f) $9,751
15:05R3Ebf Stallions Gold Castle 'national Hunt' Novices' Hurdle (LISTED) 4816M (3m) $32,506
15:35R4Phil Nelson Handicap Chase 4791M (2m8f) $24,379
16:10R5Heineken Uk Amateur Riders' Handicap Hurdle (QUALIFIER) 4816M (3m) $8,126
16:40R6Bill And Bunny Cadogan Memorial Chase (NOVICES' LIMITED HANDICAP) 4791M (2m8f) $16,253
17:10R7Fonab Castle And Spa Handicap Hurdle 3261M (2m) $16,253
Melton (Australia)
Showers Early
12:50R1Aldebaran Park Monte 1720M $5,000
13:25R2Dnr Logistics Trot 1720M $3,500
14:03R3Vhrsc Pace 1720M $3,500
14:40R4Own The Moment 3Yo Pace 1720M $3,500
15:15R5Breckon Farms Pace 1720M $3,500
15:50R6Allied Express Transport 3Yo Pace 1720M $3,500
16:25R7Cogs Services Pace 1720M $3,500
17:04R8Nevele R Stud Pace 1720M $3,500
17:42R9Haras Des Trotteurs Trot 2240M $3,500
18:05R10Tab.Com.Au Pace 2240M $7,000
Bendigo (Australia)
Mostly Clear
18:32R1Dnr Logistics Pace 2150M $7,000
19:02R2Bush's Produce 3Yo Pace 1650M $5,000
19:30R3Hygain 3Yo Trot 2150M $5,000
20:00R4Aldebaran Park Trot 2150M $7,000
20:30R5E K Bray Country Clubs Cup (2ND HEAT) 2150M $7,000
21:00R6Northern Rivers Equine Pace 1650M $7,000
21:30R7Evolve Accounting Pace Final 1650M $5,000
22:00R8Gold Fm Pace 2150M $7,000
Redcliffe (Australia)
Thundershowers Early
17:27R1Power Up Lawn Mowers Pace 1780M $3,951
17:56R2Redcliffe Paceway Conditioned Pace 1780M $3,951
18:25R3Driver Of The Night ' Chris Petroff' Pace 1780M $3,951
18:53R4All Your Electrical Needs Are At Knudsens Pace 1780M $3,951
19:20R5Redcliffe Leagues Club Pace 2040M $3,951
19:50R6Race A Qbred 3Yo Pace 2040M $3,951
20:20R7Weekly Members Draw Winner ' Larry Treasure' Pace 2040M $3,951
20:50R8Stevie Redback Pest Control 2Yo Pace 1780M $3,951
21:23R9Chris & Noel Denning 2Yo Pace 1780M $3,951
Bathurst (Australia)
Showers Early
17:12R1Hynash Constructions Pace 1730M $5,300
17:49R2Group 1 Feeds Pace 1730M $5,300
18:17R3Tab.Com.Au Three Year Old Fillies Pace 1730M $5,300
18:42R4Bedwells Feedbarn Pace 1730M $5,300
19:11R5Shannon Springs Local Stakes 1730M $5,300
19:40R6Lexus Of Dubbo Three Year Old Pace 1730M $5,300
20:10R7The Knickerbocker Hotel Pace 1730M $5,300
20:40R8Reliance Bank Pace 1730M $5,300
21:10R9Tab.Com.Au Harness Breeders Nsw Princess Series Two Year Old Fillies Pace 1730M $6,630
Albion Park (Australia)
Showers Early
15:21R1Ubet - Download The App 395M $1,260
15:37R2Garrard's Horse And Hound 395M $1,260
15:58R3Thirty Talks @ Stud Maiden F 395M $1,386
16:19R4Clint's Caravan Warehouse 395M $1,386
16:47R5Sky Racing 395M $1,386
17:09R6Box 1 Photography 395M $1,386
17:32R7Twitter @Brisgreys 5Th Grade F 395M $1,386
17:54R8Brisgreys.Com 395M $1,386
18:14R9Fb.Com/Brisgreys 395M $1,386
18:37R10Zillmere Sports Club 395M $1,386
18:57R11The Manly Hotel 395M $1,386
Angle Park (Australia)
Mostly Cloudy
11:47R1Sky Racing (N/P) Stake Pr2 Divis 388M $410
12:06R2Mcqueens Tavern (N/P) Stake Pr2 388M $410
12:22R3100 Burgers @ Mcqueens (N/P) Sta 515M $410
12:42R42017 Breeders Prelude (2) H Pr2 515M $950
13:02R52017 Breeders Prelude (2) H Pr2 515M $950
13:17R62017 Breeders Prelude (2) H Pr2 515M $950
13:37R72017 Breeders Prelude (2) H Pr2 515M $950
13:52R82017 Breeders Prelude (2) H Pr2 515M $950
14:12R9Gap Sa (N/P) Stake Pr2 Division1 515M $415
14:27R10Grsa.Com.Au (N/P) Stake Pr2 Divi 388M $410
14:44R11Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies 388M $415
15:01R12Bargain Steel Centre (N/P) Stake 388M $415
Cannington (Australia)
Mostly Sunny (Max: 26)
18:32R1Free Entry Tabtouch Park 275M $950
18:52R2Box 1 Buffet 380M $950
19:12R3Check In Oncourse With Tabtouch 520M $2,990
19:37R4Professionals Property Plus Grad 380M $1,300
19:57R5Greyhounds Wa Sprinters Plate F 380M $7,000
20:19R6Get The Tabtouch 520M $1,900
20:38R7Love The Chase 380M $1,050
21:02R8Community Newspaper Group 380M $950
21:27R9Get A Syndicate Together 520M $2,000
21:42R10Sign Strategy Call Phil 520M $950
22:02R11Bring Your Team Along 380M $900
22:22R12Greyhoundsaspets.Com.Au 275M $950
Meadows (Australia)
11:52R1Follow @Grv_News On Twitter 525M $1,415
12:09R2Rsn - Racing & Sport 525M $1,415
12:29R3Downtown Cleaning 525M $1,890
12:44R4Tab Rewards Gdr 600M $4,175
13:04R5Ajs Corporation Damsels Dash Ht1 525M $1,890
13:19R6Meadows Conference & Events Centre 525M $2,005
13:39R7Join The 525 Club Now 525M $1,890
13:54R8Home Of 9 Group 1's 600M $2,175
14:14R9Topcat Video Gdr 600M $4,175
14:34R10Sky Racing 525M $1,890
14:49R11Tab -We Love A Bet Damsels Dash Ht2 525M $1,890
15:09R12Hudson Pacific Damsels Dash Ht3 525M $1,890
Wentworth Park (Australia)
Partly Cloudy
19:06R1Ladbrokes.Com.Au Stakes 520M $2,500
19:25R2@Wpgrey On Twitter Stks 520M $2,500
19:45R3Gapnsw.Com.Au Stakes 520M $2,500
20:05R4Bulli To Wp Final Bulli - Wenty 520M $2,500
20:25R5Ladbrokes Odds Boost Stks 520M $2,800
20:45R6Ladies Night May 6 Stakes 520M $2,800
21:05R7Follow Us On Facebook 1-4W Stks 720M $3,300
21:28R8Ladbrokes Appreciation Stks 520M $2,500
21:49R9Thedogs.Com.Au 1-4Win Stks 720M $3,300
22:09R10Moreira @ Stud Stakes 520M $2,500
Bendigo (Australia)
Mostly Clear
14:39R1Nine Bendigo (300+RANK) 425M $710
15:02R2Railway Station Hotel (300+RANK) 425M $710
15:17R3Topcat Video Productions (300+RANK) 425M $710
15:34R4Bendigo Advertiser (300+RANK) 500M $710
15:53R5Triple M Bendigo 93.5 (300+RANK) 500M $945
16:12R6Tab - We Love A Bet (300+RANK) 500M $945
16:39R7Goldfields Catering (300+RANK) 425M $945
17:01R8Chasers Function Centre (300+RANK) 425M $1,000
17:24R9Bendigo Ultimate Earthmoving (300+RANK) 425M $945
17:47R10Southern Cross Austereo (300+RANK) 425M $945
18:03R11Gem Bendigo (300+RANK) 425M $945
18:30R12Hit 91.9 Bendigo (300+RANK) 425M $945
Cranbourne (Australia)
18:47R1Top Cat Video 520M $1,415
19:09R2Mypunter.Com 311M $1,890
19:28R3Casey Steel 311M $2,005
19:48R4Ram Locksmith 520M $1,890
20:08R5Backmans Pet Foods 520M $1,890
20:28R6Grv Vic Bred Series Ht1 520M $1,890
20:48R7Grv Vic Bred Series Ht2 520M $1,890
21:08R8Grv Vic Bred Series Ht3 520M $1,890
21:34R9Murphy's Straight Track Complex 311M $1,890
21:53R10Berwick Family Butchers 311M $2,360
22:12R11Tab Rewards Final 311M $2,360
22:34R12Rapidvite Animal Products 311M $1,890
Ipswich (Australia)
Thundershowers Early
19:15R1Www.Ipswichgreyhounds.Com 431M $945
19:35R2Sky Racing 431M $945
19:55R3Greyhound-Data.Com 431M $1,071
20:15R4Www.Ipswichgreyhounds.Com 431M $1,071
20:35R5Clint's Caravan Warehouse 431M $1,071
20:55R6Golden View Greyhound Complex 431M $1,071
21:18R7Www.Ipswichgreyhounds.Com 431M $1,071
21:40R8C2C Constructions 431M $1,197
Warrnambool (Australia)
Showers Early
19:00R1Warrnambool Cup Ht1 450M $7,150
19:18R2Warrnambool Cup Ht2 450M $7,150
19:38R3Macey's Bistro Warrnambool Classic S/F1 450M $4,355
19:58R4Warrnambool Cup Ht3 450M $7,150
20:18R5Macey's Bistro Warrnambool Classic S/F2 450M $4,355
20:38R6Warrnambool Cup Ht4 450M $7,150
20:58R7Macey's Bistro Warrnambool Classic S/F3 450M $4,355
21:21R8Warrnambool Cup Ht5 450M $7,150
21:43R9Macey's Bistro Warrnambool Classic S/F4 450M $4,355
22:05R10Warrnambool Cup Ht6 450M $7,150
22:26R11Warrnambool Cup Ht7 450M $7,150
22:42R12Warrnambool Cup Ht8 450M $7,150
Richmond (Australia)
Thundershowers Early
15:06R1Ladbrokes Maiden Heat 1 Maiden S 400M $570
15:24R2Angostura Llb Mdn Ht2 Maiden Ser 400M $570
15:44R3Bess Electrical Mdn Ht3 Maiden S 400M $570
16:09R4Castlewood Kitchens Stks 400M $635
16:33R5Electriciansupplies.Com.Au Stks 400M $750
16:54R6Evolution Windows Stks 535M $800
17:17R7Giavisor Australia Stks 535M $800
17:39R8Globe Memorial Co Stakes 535M $900
18:00R9Kevin Waters Towing Stks 400M $650
18:22R10Grnsw Pathways Stks 400M $635
18:40R11Magic Sprite @ Stud Stks 400M $635
Manawatu (New Zealand)
Partly Cloudy
12:01R1Formpro Ratings Free Every Monday C0 375M $1,007
12:18R2Greyhounds As Pets C1 375M $1,099
12:36R3Affordable Pet Accessories C1 375M $1,099
12:53R4Use Petraveller.Com.Au C4/5 375M $2,198
13:11R5J P Print, Petone C1 375M $1,099
13:28R6Brooks Timing C2 375M $1,282
13:46R7Personal Protective Services C2 375M $1,282
14:03R8Paul Claridge Electrical C3 375M $1,557
14:21R9Outback Trading Company C1 410M $1,099
14:40R10Steve 'the Auctioneer' Davis C1 457M $1,923
14:56R11Adrian Clark Bloodstock Consultant C4/5 457M $3,664
15:11R12Prestons Master Butchers C1/2 457M $2,198
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