Ballarat Synthetic
R1: 7.Tenacity Miss R2: 4.The Anarchist, 6.Anything Something, 9.It's A Rah, 10.Storming Princesse R3: 13.Girl On A Train R4: 8.Catskill Babe R5: 6.Mean Mister, 8.Cool Cool World R6: 10.Lord Blowhard R7: 8.Jealous Rumour, 10.Little Mannix, 12.Champenoise R8: 2.Severn Road, 11.Zoffany Rose, 15.Letsgetsideways, 16.Jinda
R1: 2.Cyclone Clyde, 3.Magic Town, 4.Manno, 6.Slatey Bay, 12.Mapili, 16.Swaysir, 17.The Groupie, 18.See For Yourself R2: 2.Ryebuck, 5.Beau Zariz, 7.Isaac's Kolt, 16.Bullet Lad, 18.Brave Maddie R3: 2.Gadfly, 3.Ricci Royal R4: 8.Tropicana Lass, 15.Kezaam R5: 1.Apache Junction, 14.Good Time Girl, 17.Exit Only R6: 1.Humboldt, 2.Mark My Word, 3.Asudem, 6.Gorn Hoff, 7.Griffin's Gaze, 16.Snipselva, 17.Algeroba, 19.Purely Royal R7: 1.Rehanaat, 5.Dictation, 17.Fairy Fragments, 18.Amaretto R8: 2.Rubble, 4.Regal Cannon, 11.Larynx, 13.Bell Serenade, 15.Humboldt R9: 2.Roman Typhoon
R1: 2.Raziel R2: 13.Miss Piper Rose, 14.Double Essie, 15.Dangan Ressha R3: 2.Gus Lightning, 3.Magic Town, 8.Bail Conditions, 9.Eleven Eleven, 13.Porz, 14.Mr Reward, 16.Soori R4: 3.Bangalley Lad R5: 7.Bellum, 12.Dew Drop, 13.Litt Up, 15.The Deel Is Dun, 16.Syrah R6: 8.Highton, 13.Denman Quality, 14.Grenache, 15.Magic Town R7: 6.In Ya Skyrocket, 8.I'll Take Money, 11.Seething Jackal, 16.Chateauroux
Saint Cloud
R5: 14.Tireur R6: 8.Illumina R8: 6.Asfaar, 10.Rogue Runner
R1: 10.Semper Fi, 18.Sneller R2: 17.Tamemetiger, 18.The Irishman R3: 5.Charlie's Jet, 10.Celeste, 17.Stormy Weathers, 18.Anagram R5: 14.Generoso R7: 12.Good Emperor R8: 2.Fararanga, 3.Geographe Bay, 18.Kirkconnel Lass
Canterbury Park
R6: 6.O'keeffe R7: 14.Sir Navigator R8: 1.Son Of Poseidon, 4.Brandy Chaser, 7.Foible
Churchill Downs
R3: 2.Lessons From Avery R4: 3.Aviator Parks, 5.Mr Tickle R7: 1.Small Moment, 2.Michelles Fault, 5.Daddy's Melody, 11.Lady Warbucks, 13.Cloche R8: 1.Combination, 3.Sovereign Impact, 5.Ace Destroyer
Golden Gate Fields
R3: 7.Preacher's Bluff R6: 2.Empressive Cat R9: 4.Rustic Canyon
Lone Star Park
R2: 4.Black Agnes, 6.Sundance Seven R3: 3.Stillaplay R4: 10.Thisismyday R5: 2.Gato Americano, 3.Ramblingrudyrags R6: 12.Rock Hard Song R7: 7.Bettercalljohn R8: 2.Santino, 3.Texas Belle R9: 5.Promissory Note
Prairie Meadows
R1: 6.Sutton Impact R2: 2.Geertz's Gal, 4.Leighton Kentucky R3: 1.C Dub, 4.Wasabi Moon R5: 5.Fiftyshadesofbay R9: 5.Double Hennesey
Presque Isle Downs
R1: 1.Big Max, 2.Just A Joker R2: 4.Simplyirresistible R4: 1.Wise Alex R5: 5.Docs Way R6: 7.Another For Mario R8: 10.Pesci To De Niro
R1: 3.Mchenry R3: 4.Sharp Witted, 5.Weiland R4: 8.Vacation Lover R5: 3.Logi R6: 4.Tapizart R7: 1.Irish Proud, 2.Suspenders, 9.Rich E Z R8: 4.Oscarific, 9.Word Of Truth
Belmont Park
R1: 1.Elios Milos, 3.Analyzethisandthat, 7.Castle Casanova, 10.Nueva York R2: 3.Simona, 4.Ja's Malibu, 6.Orchid Party, 9.My Last Million R3: 4.Tiffanys Freud, 5.Mickey T, 6.Veterans Beach, 10.New York Hero R4: 4.Elegant Zip R5: 6.Munchkin Money R6: 7.Plimsoll Anny, 10.Tarallucci, 13.Seattle Frost, 14.Taniell's Candy R7: 1.Starlite Mission, 5.Indy's Lady, 6.Frostie Anne R8: 6.Mo Maverick R9: 7.Fleet Warrior R10: 3.Control Group R11: 4.No Worries Mate, 8.Lorcan, 13.Preston Court, 14.Valmont, 15.Prince Halo, 16.Cause For Applause
Delaware Park
R1: 4.Wappinger R3: 1.Shan Dian Kia, 9.Black Stetson R4: 1.Cloud Control, 4.Game Lad R5: 2.Mead Avenue R6: 3.Social Stranger, 6.Bob's My Uncle R7: 6.Venetian Princess R8: 7.Lost On The Stairs
Emerald Downs
R2: 5.Doin Double Time R4: 6.She Cherie R5: 3.Timberlake Gage R6: 5.Rox The Fox, 7.Roamin Effort R8: 4.Miss Wine Topper
Gulfstream Park
R1: 2.Wall Of Stone, 4.Stun, 6.Alperes, 7.I'll Make U Famous, 8.Makinalegacy, 11.Triple Serious R2: 5.Lion Diva, 6.Respondingtoglobal, 7.Queen Smart R3: 2.Gran Letizia R4: 1.Snow And Lillylynn R6: 2.Reagan's Heart R7: 3.Return The Favor, 10.Magic Maker R9: 7.Nikki's Cause, 10.Golden Decision, 11.Salute The Colonel R10: 2.Moonstricking, 4.Enduring Arch, 6.Passionate Hachi R11: 3.Wowza Man, 11.Castillete
Louisiana Downs
R1: 3.Theboyzgalaxy R3: 4.Little John W R4: 5.Mack's Champ, 7.Players Gonna Play R5: 3.Hanging Lake, 4.Lady's Tribute, 5.Elle Corredora R6: 5.Blue Mermaid, 8.Glorieta R7: 2.Ray's Kimua
Monmouth Park
R3: 4.Sunshine Charlie R4: 5.Big Thicket R5: 1.Megacity R7: 4.Spin Cycle R8: 5.Bal Bay Drive R10: 2.Miss Imperial R11: 3.Jersey Life, 5.Aggregator
R1: 2.Cabinet Pik, 5.Rough Night, 8.Hard Fought, 9.National Honor R2: 1.She Be Sassy R4: 6.Can He Shine R5: 1.Include A Check, 2.Dreams Are Pazible, 4.Over Exposed, 5.Bustin Hearts, 6.Jersey Life, 7.Bearsatlanticmist, 9.Aussie Prayer R6: 1.Barin, 5.Real Factor R9: 3.Uhwarrie Sky, 5.Ride To The Sunset, 8.Alkasser
Remington Park
R5: 5.El Trickie R6: 4.Candys Politician, 11.Secret Seth
R1: 7.The Sicarii R2: 5.One Way To Fame R7: 1.Hidatsa Park, 5.Ryoan